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Supporting Documents Help

If you need to make an inquiry about the receipt of your supporting documents (i.e. letters or test scores) please fill out the web form.

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Do you need to fill out a coursework appeal form? Or maybe you want to learn more about the residency appeals process? Look no further!

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Technical Difficulties

We dread error messages (but don't worry because luckily you won't have to!) If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the application, please fill out the Technical Support webform and let us help you find a solution.



What if I can't see my test score marked as "received" even though I have released my score?

Given the adjusted timeline for EY 2021 in response to COVID-19 ( See TxHES Newsroom), your MCAT (or DAT) scores will not be marked as "Received" until June 1, 2020.