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Your Veterinary Journey


 You are about to begin your journey into the veterinary school application process. You have familiarized yourself with the TMDSAS References, and you have consulted the Applicant Resources. You are now ready to take the leap and dive into your TMDSAS application!


Before You Apply

Make sure to start this process by first reviewing your responsibilities...

Make sure to look through the guidelines and eligibility requirements for applying to veterinary school before you start your application. Know the deadlines and important dates and familiarize yourself with the rules of residency.


You can also find out more about the TMDSAS schools.

Starting Your Application

Your next critical step...

Here you will find important information to get you started and get you closer to submitting your veterinary school application. Get an overview of the application sections and know the coursework definitions and policies.


If you are a reapplicant, find out what you need to know moving forward.

After Submitting Your Application

Once your TMDSAS application is complete...
Congrats! You've worked hard, read the TMDSAS policies, followed the procedures, and you've taken that proud leap to submit your application! So… now what? Here are the Next Steps.

Admissions Process

What happens next...
Curious about what to do when those offers of admission come pouring into your inbox? Learn more so that you can be ready for your veterinary school journey.

Veterinary Applicant FAQ

Still seeking answers to your questions?
Here are the most frequently asked questions (AND answers!) for veterinary school applicants.

Statistical Information for Veterinary Applicants

Our data speaks volumes about the trends of the applicant pool, including academic performance, GPA, Final stats, and 10-year statistical information.
Get a better picture of the process by looking at the numbers and trends from previous TMDSAS application cycles. The proof is in the data.