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Here you will find references and resources to help you prepare for the application process.

Be sure to consult these References as you begin to plan for the TMDSAS application cycle. It's great to know important dates, prescribed course listing information, policies, and application statistics. Find out how you can use the TMDSAS Application Handbook as a companion guide for completing your application.


EY2021 Application Handbook

Application Handbook


The Application Handbook was created by the Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) as the official guide to the application. This handbook is intended to assist applicants in under-standing and completing the application for the entering class. Reading the advice and instructions in the handbook will give you the edge you seek in putting forward the final application that best represents you. We cannot stress enough how essential it is to read this handbook cover-to-cover and to familiarize yourself with its contents. It is in your best interest to read, understand and follow all TMDSAS policies and procedures during each phase of the application process.

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Where should I start? 


Check out the AAMC's Aspiring Docs resources to find out if a career in medicine is right for you. 



Review ADEA's resources for non-traditional applicants to find out if a career in dentistry is right for you. 



Visit the Texas A&M CVM resources page to see what they look for in applicants. 

Plan Your Application

It's important to follow the proper steps Before You Apply, while Starting Your Application, and After Submitting Your Application.

Dental Applicant Steps

Medical Applicant Steps

Veterinary Applicant Steps