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Next Steps After Submission

What to expect now that you've submitted your TMDSAS application…

You've taken the biggest leap by pushing that 'submit' button, but you're not done yet! Make sure to take care of all the essential post-submission tasks for medical school applicants in the Next Steps After Submission.


What happens now that I’ve submitted my application?


After you submit your application, TMDSAS will process and transmit your application to the schools you have selected on your application. 

It normally takes 2-4 weeks for applications to be processed. You will receive an email when your application has been processed and transmitted to the schools to which you applied. You will also receive a confirmation message from your Applicant Liaison via the application portal's internal messaging system.

Make sure to check the TMDSAS homepage for processing times.

TMDSAS does not wait on letters or test scores to process applications. It is your responsibility to ensure that TMDSAS has received all supporting documents by the appropriate deadline. Transcripts will only need to be sent once TMDSAS has requested them from you.


What should I complete while waiting for my application to be processed?

  • Promptly Respond to Messages from TMDSAS and member institutions

    • Check Your Application Internal Messages Regularly 
      The application’s internal messaging system is the official mode of communication between you and TMDSAS. Our messages will often contain action items that you will need to complete in order for us to process your application. 
  • Make Sure Your Test Dates Are Correct and Release Scores to TMDSAS 

    • Your test dates on your application must be correct or your scores will not download into our system. Test scores can take up to 48 hours to match to your application after they have been released. 
  • Connect With Your Letter Writers 

  • Send Transcripts (Only When Requested!)

    • Transcripts are not required for processing; however, you must arrange for all official transcripts from all schools attended to be delivered to TMDSAS when they are requested. Transcripts can take up to 21 days for receipt and processing. 


My application has been processed and transmitted, what do I do now?

Applicants are responsible for complying with the following items after their application has been transmitted to the schools of their choice:

  • Review your Prescribed Coursework Record in your application for changes made during processing
    • Following the transmission of the TMDSAS application to the selected schools, you will receive an email notification from TMDSAS. Refer to "Appeals" page for more information.  
  • Complete Secondary Applications
  • Update Coursework, Grades, and Transcripts
    • Applicants must update their coursework and grades after each term completed post-submission of their application. An official transcript must also be sent to TMDSAS to validate those grades ONLY IF TMDSAS has previously requested that you send your transcripts. Please do not send transcripts unless requested to do so by TMDSAS.
  • Report Vital Changes to TMDSAS
    • You must notify TMDSAS of all (but not limited to) the following updates to your application: 
  • Keep Your Application Up-to-Date


FAQ - Application Processing at TMDSAS

What is processing? 

The review of your application for completeness and accuracy. If errors or inconsistencies are found, your application will be delayed. Processing is complete once your TMDSAS application has been transmitted to the schools you've selected.

TMDSAS will make every attempt to process your application in a timely manner. During our busy season, this process can take up to six weeks. Remember that applications are transmitted to schools even if TMDSAS has not received all supporting documents. Schools are updated on a daily basis with supporting documents. 


What might cause a delay in processing my application? 

An application may have issues, which can delay the processing of your application for various reasons. 

TMDSAS immediately notifies those applicants who are placed in the problem section via email. It is crucial that you are able to receive emails from TMDSAS and that we have a valid email address for you at all times. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER REGULARLY, since some systems may mistakenly put TMDSAS email communications there.


How does TMDSAS calculate my GPA and what is included in the GPA?

TMDSAS follows the guidelines set forth by The Texas Coordinating Board for Higher Education for calculating the GPA for students seeking admission to a graduate or professional school in the state of Texas. All institutions must follow these guidelines. You can view these guidelines in the Application Handbook.


How will I know that my application has been sent to the schools? 

You will be notified via email from TMDSAS once your application has been sent to the schools. It is crucial that you have an email address that will accept outside emails in order to receive this notification.

You will also be able to check your status from the [Status] page once you have logged on to your application.

What is validation?

Validation is a process by which TMDSAS verifies what you entered in the [College Coursework] section against official transcripts for those applicants who have received at least one interview.

I forgot to include something in my application! Can I go back into the application and add it in after I have already submitted it?

Once you have submitted your application, you can only make the following edits/changes yourself to the sections: Contact Info, Colleges Attended, College Coursework, Terms Attended, Planned Enrollment, My Account and Test Scores.  For all other changes, TMDSAS will have to evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

Please see the Making Changes to your Application page for more information on changes to your application post-submission.

Can I change my essays once I have submitted my application?

Unfortunately, there are no changes allowed to the essays once you have submitted your application. This is why TMDSAS suggests that you print your application to review for errors prior to submission.

The evaluator I listed in my application is no longer able to write a letter of evaluation for me. What should I do?

TMDSAS allows evaluator changes as long as a letter has not been received and approved. You must inform TMDSAS immediately if you would like to change your evaluator.*

Once you have secured a different evaluator, please notify TMDSAS of the new evaluator by sending a message through the internal message system in the application. Include the name of the evaluator that needs to be removed and provide the following information for the evaluator that should be added: 

  • Salutation (i.e. Dr, Prof, Mr., Mrs., etc.) 
  • First and last name of the Evaluator 
  • Suffix (i.e. MD, PhD, etc.) 
  • Relationship to you (Academic Advisor, HP Advisor, Professor, Business Associate, Work/Volunteer Supervisor, Other) 
  • Letter delivery method (upload directly to TMDSAS, Interfolio or regular mail) 
  • Email address of evaluator if he/she will upload directly to TMDSAS 
  • Whether or not you release your right of access to the letter

*TMDSAS cannot change your evaluator without all information listed above. Without this, your request will be delayed.

My application has already been submitted but I would like to add another school. How can I do this?

If you would like to select another school for the application, you can send TMDSAS a message with the school you would like to add.

My applicant liaison asked me to review my PCR for deficiencies, what does this mean?

Applicant liaisons request that all applicants review the Prescribed Coursework Report created for their application after the processing of their application. Learn more about your PCR and how to read it.

I've reviewed my PCR and it says that I'm deficient, what does this mean?

The most important part of reviewing your PCR is checking to make sure we’ve coded all your courses the way you expected us to. If you have any questions about the way your coursework was coded, message your application liaison. They can help you work through the appeal process. Before submitting an appeal please verify that all course numbers were entered correctly and ask if you have any questions – liasons may be able to help you resolve your coursework concerns without going through the appeal process. Read through some of the common reasons an applicant may be deficient on their PCR.

How do I check to see if my test scores and letters of evaluation have been received?

To review the status of your supporting documents – letters of evaluation and test scores: 

  • Log into your TMDSAS application 
  • Click on the [Status] link under the [Application Info] heading from the menu on the right-hand side of the application 
  • Scroll down until you reach the [Supporting Documents] heading 

How do I check the status of my application?

To check your status, all you have to do is sign in to your application. Click on the [Status] link from the menu on the right-hand side of the application. The [Status] link is the first option under the [Application Info] heading.  

The top portion titled [Section Status] shows the date each section of the application was completed/last saved. To see the status of your supporting documents, scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you reach the [Supporting Documents] heading. If a document has been received, the receive date will appear next to the document name.

I had my supporting documents sent to TMDSAS before I submitted my application, will the received dates show up on my status page?

Yes, documents will show as received as soon as TMDSAS has processed them. We cannot mark letters as received until you have completed the [Colleges Attended] and [Letters of Evaluation] sections. Once you have completed these sections, we will be able to mark your items as received.  

Please be patient and check your status page regularly. Given the number of applications TMDSAS receives, we regret we cannot verify receipt of materials by phone or email. Such inquiries significantly slow down the process.

What if I have a question about my secondary application?

TMDSAS does not handle secondary applications. Any questions related to secondary applications should be directed to the individual school. 

A change in my Felonies & Misdemeanors status has occurred since submitting my application.

After the date of submission of your TMDSAS application, if you are charged, convicted of, plead guilty, or no contest to a felony or misdemeanor crime, you must inform TMDSAS as well as the admissions office of each school to which you have applied. 

You must notify TMDSAS and each school within ten business days of the occurrence of the criminal charge or conviction. Failure to disclose this information could result in the rejection of your application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, dismissal after enrollment, or rescission of any degrees granted.

I've been the subject of a disciplinary action since submitting my application.

After the date of submission of your TMDSAS application, if you become the subject of an institutional action or disciplinary action by a State Licensure Board, you must inform TMDSAS as well as the admissions office of each school to which you have applied. 

You must notify TMDSAS and each school within ten business days of the occurrence of the institutional action. Failure to disclose this information could result in the rejection of your application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, dismissal after enrollment, or rescission of any degrees granted

How do I establish a proxy?

If you will be unavailable (e.g. foreign travel) at any time during the application process, you should instruct and grant authority to a parent or other individual to act on your behalf. You must notify TMDSAS of this designation by sending a message through the application internal messaging system.

How do I withdraw my application?

If your application has not been transmitted (Status = TMDSAS Processing), then you must send a withdrawal request via internal messaging service by logging into your application and clicking on the “Send Message” button. 

If you choose to withdraw your application after transmission from one or more schools, you must notify each school via email and TMDSAS by logging into your application and clicking on the “Send Message” button. 

Once you have made a final decision on the school you plan to attend, you have the obligation to promptly withdraw your application from all other schools. 

Reinstating a withdrawn application: to reinstate an application, send an internal message and include the schools to which you would like to send your application.